Anarchist coverage of APster includes bad-faith and bullshit

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Dec 18 17:28:12 PST 2023

2009 -  article reveals poor comprehension of essay

Not just politicians but antisocial criminals in general you idiot

Car Thieves are ’ Public Officials ’ on your planet?  Jesus Fucking Christ.

Misrepresenting the anarchist, Jim Bell is cowardly and dumb. Something you’d expect from liberals.

APster works out of the box as radical new energetic and militant activism

Its not my problem most self-described anarchists these days are too stupid to be activists. let alone anything anarchist.


The conditions for APster keep improving in direct proportion to the decline of Marxist-Communism. 
There’s a power-law relation for you!
Viva la revolution!
Stateless digital currencies didn’t exist till 2008. Now there’s an anarchic trillion plus global economy rising.
The cryptoanarchist world economy. Meantime,,APster denial remains the first stage of death and dying.

Quit holding on, you zombies of death

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