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# Yggstack - Yggdrasil as SOCKS proxy / port forwarder

## Introduction

Yggdrasil is an early-stage implementation of a fully end-to-end encrypted
IPv6 network. It is lightweight, self-arranging, supported on multiple
platforms and allows pretty much any IPv6-capable application to
communicate securely with other Yggdrasil nodes. Yggdrasil does not require
you to have IPv6 Internet connectivity - it also works over IPv4.

Mainline Yggdrasil implementation uses virtual network interface (TUN) to
deliver traffic. While this setup is very powerful and flexible, several
use cases are not covered:

* Systems without TUN adapter support
* System without root / administrator access
* Web browser access

Yggstack fills the gap by providing SOCKS5 proxy server and TCP port
forwarder functionality similar to TOR router. It also can serve as a
standalone network node to connect network segments.

## Supported Platforms

Yggdrasil works on a number of platforms, including Linux, macOS, Ubiquiti
EdgeRouter, VyOS, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and OpenWrt.

Please see our [Installation](
https://yggdrasil-network.github.io/installation.html) page for more
information. You may also find other platform-specific wrappers, scripts or
tools in the `contrib` folder.

## Building

If you want to build from source, as opposed to installing one of the
pre-built packages:

1. Install [Go](https://golang.org) (requires Go 1.17 or later)
2. Clone this repository
3. Run `./build`

Note that you can cross-compile for other platforms and architectures by
specifying the `GOOS` and `GOARCH` environment variables, e.g.
`GOOS=windows ./build` or `GOOS=linux GOARCH=mipsle ./build`.

## Running

### Generate configuration

To generate static configuration, either generate a HJSON file
(human-friendly, complete with comments):

./yggstack -genconf > /path/to/yggdrasil.conf

... or generate a plain JSON file (which is easy to manipulate

./yggstack -genconf -json > /path/to/yggdrasil.conf

You will need to edit the `yggdrasil.conf` file to add or remove peers,
modify other configuration such as listen addresses or multicast addresses,

### Run Yggstack

To run SOCKS proxy server listening on local port 1080 using generated

./yggstack -useconffile /path/to/yggdrasil.conf -socks

To expose network services (like a Web server) listening on local port 8080
to Yggdrasil network address at port 80:

./yggstack -useconffile /path/to/yggdrasil.conf -exposetcp 80:

To run as a standalone node without SOCKS server or TCP port forwarding:

./yggstack -useconffile /path/to/yggdrasil.conf

To run in auto-configuration mode (which will use sane defaults and random
keys at each startup, instead of using a static configuration file):

./yggstack -autoconf -socks

Unlike mainline Yggdrasil, Yggstack does NOT require privileged access. You
can even run several Yggstack instances with different configurations on
the same OS and user!

### pk.ygg DNS resolver

One unique feature of Yggstack is built-in DNS resolver functionality using
`.pk.ygg` format.

For example, HowToYgg website (whose public key is
`d40d4a7153cf288ea28f1865f6cfe95143a478b5c8c9e7cb002a0633d10a53eb`) can be
accessed by any Web browser supporting SOCKS servers via `

You can even use cURL with Yggstack:

curl -x socks5h://

## Documentation

Documentation is available [on our website](

- [Installing Yggdrasil](
- [Configuring Yggdrasil](
- [Frequently asked questions](https://yggdrasil-network.github.io/faq.html)
- [Version changelog](CHANGELOG.md)

## Community

Feel free to join us on our [Matrix channel](
https://matrix.to/#/#yggdrasil:matrix.org) at `#yggdrasil:matrix.org` or in
the `#yggdrasil` IRC channel on [libera.chat](https://libera.chat).

## License

This code is released under the terms of the LGPLv3, but with an added
exception that was shamelessly taken from [godeb](
https://github.com/niemeyer/godeb). Under certain circumstances, this
exception permits distribution of binaries that are (statically or
dynamically) linked with this code, without requiring the distribution of
Minimal Corresponding Source or Minimal Application Code. For more details,
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