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i thought a little on the idea of symbolically rearranging a transformer
with goal of making it flatter, and other nearby bits, and i think what
might be fun could be working on [part of] an expression walking system,
like they use when compiling the models

i have a shell here that can’t run torch, but if i’m making my own
expression engine i could in theory make it a replacement for torch so
torch isn’t needed, so that’s what i’m poking at a little now

oh also i have things to do i am not yet doing atm

- you can pass —no-deps to pip to ignore dependencies when installing. i’ve
just installed huggingface transformers without torch this way (maybe it
can be disabled without dunno)


1405 i’ve shimmed torch and i’m at a point where i can start moving toward
implementing tensor operators. i’ll try to save my work. 1406

1410 i’m not sure how to get git on this shell (a-Shell, iOS app) to run
over the http proxy that lets me online. i’ve made a github repo. i’ll try
to transfer the data to another shell.

1414 both shells are giving me “operation not permitted” trying to connect
to ssh on local ip

thinking of using clipboard or filesystem or photos
1417 used filesystem. https://github.com/xloem/tensorexpr (humorousl


1805, ran into some issues, patch of where things were when system powered
off is attached
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