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missing: the ice creatures that used ice lenses to focus the warmth of the
sun as a power source

keywords: golems elements

Air Constructs with frozen air

If you constructed a structure of frozen gases in just the right way,say
with a 3d printer that operated below their freezing points, or by 3d
printing a destroyable mold, you could possibly create things made only of
gas, that could operate at normal temperatures, using the pressure of the
evaporating gas as their source of energy.

For example, you could have a thick structural exterior with openings for
warmth flow into frozen "fuel" with high surface area inside, and possibly
guide the sublimating gas pressure back outside such that it produced
strong enough wind to levitate the object (before it evaporated) and
possible press against a user's hand so that they could pick it up without
touching it. If successful, they might feel the wind of it when grasping
it, rather than its dangerously cold surface.

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