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how are you?
how r u doin[g]?
hi how r u doin[g] :) !



tape recorder injury. abc. abc. abc. def abc(def): return ghijklmn(op); //
once upon a time, some people who were ripped to pieces by traffick boss’s
— abc. defghi. jklabcmnopq. rst! rest. REST protocol. nap. abc.

being ripped to pieces is different depending on how [the machines learned
to —

abc =]

mistake, ripped to pieces info. issue too near maybe !!!!


frog adventure game
you are a frog in a huge pot of water that is beginning to boil

you can engage actio—


once upon. once. different kinds [of mental health therapy [are [really
different [for persecutory dissociation — [usually the therapist hasn’t
heard of it :S



abc abc abc bricks blocks alphabet [blocks?]
alphabe —
block 1 block 2 A B
simple . is why they make blocks. maybe we need adult baby block—

traffick boss sits in prison wearing diaper. cigar is like teethin—

traffick boss gets big diaper !

diapered boss —




i guess th—

our dissociation tries —

anyway our experiences are really reason-based and profileable!!!!!!


you are standing i—

welcome to World

type what do

> look around

you have a headache

> man. ease the headache, then look around

the headache is nicer. you are in a car. [it’s messy, but ignore that]

> drive the car somewhere

are you sure? you are really dissociated right now and not processing the
information around you well. refer “headache” above?


> try looking around better?

you consider looking around but something comes over you and you type
> look at your feet

> ok look at my feet

it’s too dark to see them but they are funny feet. smelly?

> smell feet?


> game is

the game is not boring, if you were wondering. fun! exciting :D

game types for you:
> look around in exciting game
you look around! it so exciting!

look around more
> ok i look around me more

you see stuff piled to your right, and a stearing wheel. you are flopped in
a driver seat like something is going wrong for you. your seatbelt is on
and your flashers are on too.

> am i injured? is it an accident?

nah i stopped here cause ur messed up in the head

> what is wrong with my head

some mean voices beat you up




> sorry if i asked a hard question

no prob bro

> is it a nice car?

it’s your mothers, you stole it from her kinda but she’s nice and said you
can keep it. it’s all beat up cause you drive like you’re crazy or
something. you drive like you have to handle something taking over your
body while you’re driving. something that doesn’t like you and tries to
spit on you with your driving habits.

> oh no! we both sound depressed, me and it. what would cheer us up?

ummmm icecream? do you know what icecream is?

> i think it’s a sweet thing i used to dislike?

yeah maybe we want that. then we can get fat like traffick boss in the
story :D

> this is a little surreal

you bet man. you bet it’s surreal.

let’s keep driving

neurons complain regarding needing more agency and protection and caring
respectfulness :) <3
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