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Fri Dec 15 06:00:52 PST 2023

notes on getting up

ummmmm we're not sure how to do this. efforts seem to mysteriously break.
how about an idea involving:
- small progress
- dissociation

?maybe this isn't the perfectidea but it's something we could consider!

write on blackboard:
- small dissociated steps

now somebody had a concern
"yeah when um the steps buildlikethis, itleaves us up but really tense and
not making furtherprogress.""we need to do more than just get up, we need
to dothings after we are up"
"sometimes the small-steps-dissociated-forcing works" "ohcanwe
dowithoutforcing?" ":S" "but usually once itis tothe point of needing it
thingsare going toobadly to succeed"

- small dissociated steps
- forcing/not forcing
- tension after small steps with forcing

maybe we are thinking of this some [...]

a big idea is how we imag--
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