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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Wed Dec 13 22:33:46 PST 2023

torture victim double agent (or maybe torturer or) is taken to a human
trafficking conference

speaker: “and it was horrible and we arrested hundreds of traffickers”
attendee: “oh i arrest human traffickers yes”
attendee 37: “we all arrest human traffickers! they’re so bad and we are so
tough and we arrest them all the time!”

tvda: “i don’t understand why they are arresting people for something that
doesn’t exist”

speaker: “thousands of trafficked people were —“

tvda: “i don’t understand why i am somewhere that doesn’t exist”

tvda stares at disguised experimentee
disguised experimentee looks compassionately at tvda

disguised experimentre: “oh you poor torture victim double agent, the
cognitive dissonance doesn’t make any sense at all”

a pause

tvda: “i can’t believe boss lied to me”

tvda: “i can’t believe boss lied to me and i did horrible things to
everyone i loved”

tvda looks like he might die of tension or go beserk
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