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it’s time to spam maybe!




traffick boss is stuck under the corner of a rug. his entire business
empire is living as an accumulated stain from years of fluid spills. the
rug corner over him helps the room look nicer.


people walk through the room with heavy boots that often land on traffick

person 3: “how is your day going?”

person 5: “oh my god we were celebrating person 4’s birthday and —!”

the chatter continues


many animals are in the area. rodents sneak in and lick on traffick boss
when people aren’t around. birds fly near the window. insects sneak in
through gaps in the building structure to find warmth and also nibble on
traffick boss for sustenance.

some of the insects are confused after nibbling on traffick boss, and fly
into the window to try to leave, not adapted well to glass

person 5 notices them.


person 5: “oh you poor things! how did you get in here?”

person 5 opens the window and lets the insects out, watching them go.

traffick boss might wish he were them, flying out the window, but it is
hard to wish as a boot-ground stain.

person 5 looks out the window while it is open. the sun is bright. birds
are singing. the air smells crisp and fresh. some jingling can be heard, it
could be windchimes, it could be a flagpole’s line striking its pole,
person 5 didn’t attend too closely


under the rug traffick boss, as an old stain, is scheming.

old stain under rug: “grumpy thought!”

old stain under rug: “another grumpy thought!”


a child —



happy fountains, sitting by

person 7: “isn’t it nice to sit here! how has —“

person 9: “yes, and!” [showing something]

person 7: “oh :) now —“


— going by :)






magician defeats traffick boss

a powerful magician with a magic hat sends traffick boss away, like gandalf
not dying at “you shall not pass”

powerful magician is new to spellcasting but has good spells that traffick
boss has never heard of

magician: “traffick boss, you will stop harming things!”

traffick boss looks at magician, frightened
traffick boss: “eek! um, harming things isn’t good?”

magician: “no, traffick boss. no.”

magician: “traffick boss, you will stop stimulating war and conflict!”

traffick boss looks frightened
traffick boss: “um! time for peace and kindness i infer?”

magician: “yes, traffick boss. time for peace and kindness and caringness.”

traffick boss withers
traffick boss: “i knew this day would come.”

traffick boss: “i guess i was trying to string along a charade?

magician: “traffick boss, you are countered!”

traffick boss groans and stretches.
he tries to spawn liches and zombies to keep selling weapons and marketing

magician throws enchanted holy water satchels at the liches and zombies
they turn to vapor when it lands and breaks on them

traffick boss: “where is my hairdresser!”
magician: “you have no hairdresser, traffick boss!”
traffick boss: “where is my marketing department!”
magician: “you have no marketing department, traffick boss!”
traffick boss: “where is my shareholder meeting full of wealthy investors!”
magician: “you have no wealthy investors nor shareholding meeting, traffick

traffick boss: “then i am lost!”

traffick boss collapses into a shambling boss zombie.

shambling boss zombie [previously traffick boss]: “mooooonnnney ….”

shambling boss zombie teeters at the edge of a rope bridge in a giant cavern

shambling boss zombie [taking a step]: “monnnnnney …”

shambling boss zombie begins falling off the rope bridge while moaning
about addictive controlling substances

magician captures them in a ghostbusters ghost trap. they pull into it,
their moan fades, and it snaps shut

magician ties traffick boss’s ghost trap to their belt.


:) i need a hypnotherapist
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