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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Mon Dec 11 07:13:40 PST 2023

> a crowd of copymachines, military powersuits, and injured children are
running after rebel worker 2 with their arms outstretched and their tongues
hanging out

rebel worker 2 busts into the dictator prison and slams the door behind him

dictator of dictatortopia: “here to the free us? i can give you traffick
boss’s closest secrets … !”

rebel worker 2 [to traffick boss]: “the entire business is attacking me.
what do i do??”

traffick boss [folding arms smugly]: “it can tell you’re not me!”

traffick boss is sitting next to a lengthy scrawl on the wall describing
things that are him and things that are rebel-associated. a cleaning bot —

rebel worker 2: “i need you to tell the business that i am you again.”

traffick boss: “great, having my mind read by something that _admits_ its
stealing everything i have”

0913 [phone call, very mysterious, id on’t get phone calls]
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