FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

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Fantastic news for Free Speech this week...

>From Alex Jones, to Laura Loomer, Tommy Robinson, Owen Shroyer,
J6'rs, and many more around the world, many have now been freed, yet
more than a sizeable number are still being held as Political Prisoners,
and they must all be freed as well, regardless of platform or country,
including Julian Assange, Andrew Anglin, Nick Fuentes, Max Igan,
privacy coins, all the covid people, all the election people, groypers,
the LaptopFromHell, and many more.

The fact that they've been Freed, is proof that their imprisonment
was false, malicious, corrupt, conspiratorial, and worse, to allow
these global tyrants to push their bogus narratives, defraud elections,
silence, oppress, and psyop the world's people without consent,
critique or challenge or arrest.

Al Gore Warns: People Having Access To Non-Mainstream Information
"Threatens Democracy"

To all the Authoritarians and Tyrannies still holding political
prisoners, tp the
Nanny State Warn'ers, Globalist Powermongers, CBDC purveyors, and more,
you're going to lose, so GO FUCK YOURSELVES!
6 Sep 2018
Alex Jones Confronts The Architect Of Deplatforming Conservatives: Oliver Darcy
Alex Jones Confronts The Censorship Architect: Oliver Darcy
Alex Jones went to Washington D.C. for the congressional hearings
where Twitter and Facebook heads were testifying, and he confronted
one of CNN's censorship propagandists: Oliver Darcy.

"People Have Spoken": Elon Musk Restores X Account Of Alex Jones After User Poll

He’s baaack! The media meltdown that’s about to ensue is going to be
epic 😆 @RealAlexJones

🚨 Big Tech's de-platforming playbook that got people like @Cobratate
banned from all socials, was created for @RealAlexJones back in 2017
Following a poll, @elonmusk brought Alex back: "I vehemently disagree
with what he said about Sandy Hook, but are we a platform that
believes in freedom of speech or are we not? That is what it comes
down to in the end. If the people vote him back on, this will be bad
for 𝕏 financially, but principles matter more than money." Alex Jones
will be joining us in less than an hour for his first appearance on
𝕏. Freedom of Speech in Action
Friendly reminder, this video, which was livestreamed on Twitter's
Periscope, is the reason cited for Alex Jones being banned. Not his
conspiracy theories about the school shooting, as widely believed.
Twitter called it "harassment" to tell off a CNN reporter (a public
figure) who was working in the capacity of a reporter at the time,
while on public property, while covering a congressional hearing about
social media censorship. The irony is just too thick.

ALX 🇺🇸 @alx
Owen Shroyer (@allidoisowen) was suspended by Twitter 1.0 in 2020 at
the behest of Media Matters for telling people to go to a rally that
violated a local “social distancing order” Just an example of how
easily they were able to control policy under 1.0

Owen Shroyer, Harrison Smith, Paul Joseph Watson, Kari Lake, Marjorie
Taylor Greene, Candice Owens, Steve Bannon, Christine Anderson, Javier
Milei, etc. etc. etc. + 81 MILLION AMERICANS!!!!!!!

God Bless America
Elon Musk @elonmusk
Haha true
ALX @alx
If we banned all conspiracy theorists from the internet, @CNN,
@NYTimes, @WashingtonPost, @MSNBC et al. would be the first to go.

As the media flips out over @ElonMusk restoring Alex Jones account
(@RealAlexJones), it's important to point out to everyone the REAL
reason Alex was banned from Twitter in the first place back in 2018.
And contrary to popular belief it was NOT because he entertained some
conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook, as crazy as they were. Twitter
specifically cited the Oliver Darcy confrontation, who is a public
figure (working for CNN), which took place on public property, while
Darcy was working in the capacity of a reporter at the time, outside a
congressional hearing about censorship on social media. They claimed
it was "harassment" because he told him off for working to get him
banned off all the other platforms. The irony is too thick to even
describe. Twitter held out after he was unpersoned by YouTube and
Facebook, but then after he humiliated the CNN clown, that was cited
as the reason for the ban by Twitter's Trust and Safety account.
People should watch Tucker Carlson's interview with Alex Jones to see
the real Alex, not just his flaws and mistakes that the media spent
years amplifying and trying to make his identity. He is a genius, but
like most geniuses, it's counterbalanced by equal sized flaws. But he
was banned for bogus reasons in order to silence him, not because of a
whacky conspiracy theory from years earlier he entertained, but
because when he's firing on all cylinders and on point, he's a
wrecking ball to the corrupt political establishment and was revealing
too much about how the power structures work. Period.

At 1 pm EST, a discussion will take place on X Spaces between host
Mario Nawfal and Alex Jones. The focus of their conversation will
likely be centered on Elon Musk's decision to reinstate Jones on the
free speech social media platform.
    — Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) December 10, 2023

"Big Tech's de-platforming playbook that got people like @Cobratate
banned from all socials, was created for @RealAlexJones back in 2017,"
Nawfal said.

    🚨 Big Tech's de-platforming playbook that got people like
@Cobratate banned from all socials, was created for @RealAlexJones
back in 2017

    Following a poll, @elonmusk brought Alex back:

    "I vehemently disagree with what he said about Sandy Hook, but are
we a platform that…
    — Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal) December 10, 2023

"The people have spoken, and so it shall be," Elon Musk posted on X in
reply to a poll on Saturday asking users whether to reinstate Alex
Jones' account.

"Reinstate Alex Jones on this platform?" Musk asked. Nearly two
million X users voted, with more than 70% voting in favor of Jones'

    The people have spoken and so it shall be
    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 10, 2023

Jones' account was banned under old Twitter in September 2018 for
violating the platform's abusive behavior policy.

As of early Sunday morning, Jones' X account has been reinstated.

The self-proclaimed "free speech absolutist" billionaire said Jones is
welcomed on the platform but added: "He cannot break the law."

    He cannot break the law
    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 9, 2023

Restoring Jones's account came days after the Infowars blog founder
sat down with Tucker Carlson for an interview.

       "If People Think Things Are Bad Now..." Tucker And Alex Jones Talk
                     Deplatforming, Depopulation, & The NWO
   Friday, Dec 08, 2023 - 11:55 AM

   In a deep-dive on everything from 'deplatforming' to 'depopulation',
   Tucker Carlson sat down with Alex Jones.

   Elon Musk said it best...

     Oh, this is going to be an interesting one…


     — Elon Musk (Parody) (@ElonMuskAOC) [70]December 7, 2023

   Dubbed "the most censored man in the world", Jones began by discussing his
   (correct) prediction about 9/11.

   As Tucker points out, "the 9/11 thing, you called it in public."


   But Jones says his most accurate prediction was around a decade ago when
   he read the "Rockefeller Foundation Operation Lockstep report," which he

     "described using a virus to bring in world government, a world medical
     ID, which they would then build a social credit score off of...

     ...that they would make people wear masks for fear, shut down sporting
     events and things like that... and basically phase in this new tyranny."

   These warnings, among other things, were the reason, Carlson argues, why
   Jones was so widely deplatformed.

     "Fundamentally, Alex Jones is right about a lot of things. And in fact,
     that's why they don't like him."

     <U+1F6A9> Alex Jones Explains How He Has Been Able to Make So Many Accurate

     “I’m able to make predictions because they’ve given us a
     roadmap…They describe we really need big terror attacks, we really
     need Pearl Harbor events, to get Americans to give up their
     rights.”… [72]

     — Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) [73]December 7, 2023


   "To this day, nobody has been more aggressively censored, I don't think,
   than you... I read about it, and I felt that it was a major moment in the
   history of American media. I don't think anybody defended you when that
   happened. Anybody, with any kind of audience,"

   To which Jones replied:

     "When Tim Cook admitted that he met on the weekend in August of 2017
     with the other big tech heads, and they made the decision to "curate"
     like it's a museum - and take me off, it was hundreds of platforms. It
     wasn't just the big ones. Everything from LinkedIn, to our bank accounts
     being taken away, to everything ensuing over the next week and that
     month. And I knew I was a test case."

     "It was the questioning the school shooting thing that came later. They
     kind of dredged that up from my past, blew that up after I'd been
     deplatformed, and said I'd been deplatformed for that.

     "Once they deplatformed me, it made the show in ways only get bigger...
     So then they panicked and said 'okay, let's look at his record and
     create more of a reason,' so they took things out of context from 5-6
     years before, blew em up as a current thing out of context, and
     deceptively reported on what I said to create a strawman argument to
     then facilitate the reason."

   The discussion turns to the current state of America with Jones laying the
   blame for the growing division of the nation by race squarely at the feet
   of China.

     "The CCP, along with the SPLC and ADL, see America's weakness and they
     are literally coming in and saying 'white people are inherently bad
     because of the color of their skin...

     ...and then they organize all them into race-based groups under the
     Democratic party flag to attack who is left... which tends to be more

   Jones warns however that "they are panicking" because "more and more
   blacks and hispanics are voting Republican," which, he explains is why the
   open border policy is being allowed.

     "They are bringing in all these totally disenfranchised people from
     around the world... putting them in camps where they indoctrinated into
     a subdued political under-class... that's then going to be turned loose
     on America."

   This is why Democrats are giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses, the
   right to vote in some cities, allowing them to become police officers "so
   they are importing a new enforcemen t class against the American people."

   The new class will allow them to bring home a New World Order.


   Jones and Carlson also discussed the New World Order after Carlson noted
   that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is an idiot.

     "That's it," Jones replied. "We're in a beautiful ball. It's prom night.
     Everybody's dressed great. There's wonderful food, big delicious punch
     bowl, and then they say 'what can we do?' - well, just have Brian
     Stelter take a dump right in that. And then he's there, laughing at you
     - they're all there laughing at you, to make you feel small. To make you
     question reality - why is everything so ugly?"

   Jones then explained that the elites demonize rural Americans in order to
   blame them for the ills of society.

     "The reason you're doing bad is not blackrock and the WEF and Bill
     Gates. It's all those evil people in the countryside. They're all white
     supremacists, terrorists and racists. Let's go get 'em! Cause the last
     group they don't control is rural people that are self-sufficient. And
     so I get going to the countryside, protecting your children. That's the
     holy grail. The problem is, you gotta have one foot in each - you gotta
     go back and fight in the city for the infrastructure, for the

     Alex Jones explains the UN's plan for global domination:

     "The last group they don't control is rural people. They have to
     demolish the cultures and societies that were here before and bring in
     the next phase, a high-tech, cashless society robot-drone controlled
     nightmare." [74]

     — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) [75]December 7, 2023

   "You gotta give people hope, while also building a backup operation of
   farming and ranching and self-sufficiency," Jones continues.

   "So that's why the WEF and the UN are coming in in Ireland and in areas of
   Asia, and in the Netherlands, and saying 'by 2030, 80% of your cows gotta
   be dead,' and they just banned like 30% this year in the Netherlands."

     "They're all WEF globalist alumni that the big banks, on record, brag -
     they've 'penetrated the cabinets,' to quote Klaus Schwab, they've put
     their operatives in to cut off our energy, demoralize us, release the
     hardened criminals, put the political activists in prison, continue to
     cut off the resources, to make an angrier world...

     Klaus Schwab says, 'we're gonna make the world collapse, we're gonna
     have everybody turn against each other, we're going to blame the
     political classes that we own and control, and then when we're done
     we'll bring in our new solution. But first thing they have to demolish
     the cultures of societies that we had before, with the fentanyl, with
     the open borders, with the demoralization, and then they bring in their
     next phase, which is a high-tech cashless society. Robot
     drone-controlled nightmare. More than half of the US in their official
     UN maps, that they've had for more than 25 years, show half the US
     off-limits to humans.

     All cars will have to have GPS, everyone by law will have to have a cell
     phone at all times...

     And that's the admitted global UN standardized plan, where you don't
     leave your house without a cell phone."


   "So if people think things are bad now," Jones continued, "the
   straight-jacket, the ball-and-chain is going on, and it's all being
   militarily run. Our military is great men and women, but at the top, our
   military has been globalist Ukraine, New World Order people for at least
   30-40 years."

   Jones also says that the NWO is pushing for:

     * 15-minute cities

     * Central bank digital currencies

     * All of these systems that track and trace everything you do with the
       social credit scores

     * The plan for the 99% is 250 square-foot coffin-apartments

     * 5G bathing you

     * Literally eating bug protein


   The New World Order discussion leads Jones on to discuss the controversial
   topic of depopulation that seems at the end of every globalist policy
   delivered from on high.

     "The Globalists have gone from testing-phase to fully operational now,"
     he warns, noting that "they say - read their writings - we are going to
     have a post-industrial world by 2030... and we will start the
     depopulation of 90% of the people by 2045."

   That, Jones explains is the official WEF/UN/Club of Rome plan.

   A stunned Carlson asked "what do you mean 'depopulation'?"

   Jones replies: "they want to bring the world population down to 500

     "We are told 'do not have children, because it is bad for the earth',"
     and points out that Elon Musk is a hero for pointing out that we need to
     have kids to save the world, "otherwise, society collapses."

   Carlson takes a moment to reflect on what he has heard and says
   poignantly, "I feel a little bit innervated and downbeat just hearing your
   dot-connecting... what's that like to live with?"

Brian Stelter Prank

     Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson "had some drinks" last night and then
     prank called Brian Stelter.


     — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) [78]December 7, 2023

2024 election, WW3

   The two also discussed the upcoming US election next year. According to
   Jones, both Biden and Trump are 'liabilities' for the deep state, so the
   plan is :

     "They have a right winger, they'll claim, assassinate Biden, and they'll
     have a left-winger assassinate Trump...

     ...That then gets the country even in more of a fight against each
     other, and then they put in Gavin Newsom and, you know, somebody like
     Mike Pence or who knows. But I really think the next 13 months is the
     most critical time - not just in American history, but world history,"
     Jones continued.

   Biden "doesn't know who he is."

   Alex Jones says sources in the White House have told him that Biden
   "wanders around naked" and is on a constant cocktail of amphetamines and

   Tucker says he knows someone who witnessed Biden taking amphetamines in

     Alex Jones says he has Government sources that confirm Biden wanders
     around the White House naked at night, “doesn’t know who he is”

     Tucker says a makeup artist confirmed Biden is pumped full of
     Amphetamines to perform his duties

     WOW! [79]

     — johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) [80]December 7, 2023

   "Because if they can bring down America, they're going to bring down the
   world. Then you've got the escalation," he warns.

     "Remember a year ago, Biden said, you can't give F-16s and Abrams tanks
     and cruise missiles to the Ukrainians, that's WW3. Now they're doing it.
     So as Russia wins that war as Col. McGregor documented a few months ago
     with you, NATO is escalating. Well, that leads right to nuclear war."

   "Since when do Democrats love war?" Jones asked.

     "Since when did Democrats love the intelligence agencies. They love them
     now. And so really, the Democrats, just like the Republican party is the
     beachhead for sanity and populism - it's not perfect, but it's a
     beachhead. The Democrat party is totally turned over to evil."

   Finally, Jones says he doesn't expect Elon Musk to reinstate him on X:

   “I understand that if he did that, the ADL and others would really be
   able to shut down Twitter”

     <U+1F440> Alex Jones Says He Doesn’t Expect Elon Musk to Reinstate His X

     “I understand that if he did that, the ADL and others would really be
     able to shut down Twitter”[81]@TuckerCarlson [82]@elonmusk

     — Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) [84]December 7, 2023

   Watch the full interview below:

     Ep. 46 The Alex Jones Interview


     2:46 Alex Jones predictions
     15:07 Deplatforming
     21:59 Dividing us on race
     25:37 The border
     28:09 Austin
     32:12 New World Order
     42:09 Brian Stelter demon video
     50:57 Depopulation
     1:07:51 Food
     1:13:51 Whiskey
     1:16:22 Presidential… [85]

     — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) [86]December 7, 2023

MK ULTRA THREAD: 1. Project MK-Ultra or Mind Control – what the CIA
has been doing for years under our noses is “bigger than anyone can
imagine” – 2/15/18 Q post 772, 773. It’s no longer called MK Ultra and
is not supposed to exist or be in operation. For purposes of this
thread I will refer to it as MK Ultra. All references to Q posts can
be found at

Shocker 🙄
EXCLUSIVE: @RealChrisBrunet and I have obtained documentation
demonstrating that Harvard President Claudine Gay plagiarized multiple
sections of her Ph.D. thesis, violating Harvard's policies on academic
integrity. This is a bombshell. 🧵

Sun Tzu @SunTzusWar
Fighting from victory, not towards it! Thank you @GenFlynn 🇺🇸
General Mike Flynn @GenFlynn
Listen to the short clips of the below speeches from Herr Klaus Schwab
of the subgroup called the WEF and Argentinian President @JMilei (his
is simply a brilliant synopsis of where America and American
politicians have taken the U.S. — into the dumpster fire of tyranny
and corruption). Schwab wants to destroy everything and build it back
better in the globalist image, while President Milei wants his people
to be the rulers of their destiny…and NOT UNELECTED bureaucrats from
halfway around the world. Stand strong America! We are heading into
the final round that will shine the forever light of freedom over
those nocturnal creatures who creep around in the darkness of
tyranny…and, WE’RE WINNING!!! and they know it 😎 🔥🦅🙏🏼🇺🇸 I’m
ready, are you?

The USA will become a Libertarian country, because Socialism, and all
others, are illogical, and lead to all this kind of censorship
nonsense we've had to endure.

Of course Alex Jones is back on Twitter/X. As I have been writing
here, the 'poll' and waiting for God Elon's pronouncement, has all
been a GAME to hijack your perception and that of the Mainstream
Alternative Media (MAM). You are being had, people, but most will
never get that. They only see what is in front of their eyes, not what
is weaved through what they think they see. The decision was made a
long time ago and the Carlson interview with Jones was just the
calculated prelude to it. The interview was the set up for what was
long planned. Musk could have simply done this long ago, but the
ritual had to be played out to both eulogise Musk, the new MAM God,
and to put Alex Jones centre stage as a symbol of the Mainstream
Alternative Media alongside Musk, Carlson, Rogan, Tate, Peterson,
Brand, Vlaardingerbroek, and all the rest. They may each have useful
things to say about some 'dots' but they stand as a collective
blockade to the deep levels of the rabbit hole within which their
'dots' are mere symptoms, not the cause. These are now the MAMMIES of
the New Mainstream Alternative Media, with Musk at its summit
decreeing what is and treated as a God while fronting up companies,
SpaceX, Neuralink, Tesla, etc, that are essential to the Cult agenda
that the MAMMIES claim to oppose. Where is the question of how someone
can be officially the richest man in the world while opposing the Cult
without whose support his business empire would collapse in a day?
'Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!' Where is the question about
why governments that supposed to hate Musk's 'free speech' would go on
handing over the taxpayer subsidies on which his empire depends?
'Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!' Where is the question of
why the Cult, through its Deep State, which controlled Twitter and
what could be posted, would suddenly sell it to 'free speech
absolutist' Musk who, as a result, has become the God of the very
alternative media the Cult needs to direct and control so it goes here
and no further? 'Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!' Where is
the question about the occult significance of Musk's obsession with
the letter 'X' and his plan for X to become the global App for
everything? 'Elon!, Elon!, Elon!, oh, thank you, sir!' The REAL
alternative media that has no 'here and no further' is thus
marginalised by comparison, as planned, but we are still here and
still pursuing the depths of truth where the MAMMIES refuse to go. Cue
abuse from the MAMMY believers, but they'll see. Or maybe, blinded by
the light of the Elon God, they won't.

“If you fear the dangers posed by a strong man, you should see what a
weak man is capable of.”
This is Jeremy Godfrey. He is now head of monitoring and censoring
social media in the Republic of Ireland. This is not a joke.

What is THE most dangerous word in the English language?
25% thinking
75% government
2,125 votes • 1 day

Max Igan

The ‘conspiracization’ of “The Great Replacement Theory” is the
standard left-wing playbook: transparently advance a toxic policy,
then label it a conspiracy theory when the other side contests the
merits of it. We need a real debate on whether intentionally
facilitating mass illegal migration to change this country is good for
America or not - because that’s exactly what’s happening. I think it’s
bad, but if the left believes this is a good thing, they should make
the case for it.
Vivek: "The Great Replacement Theory is not some grand right-wing
conspiracy theory, but a basic statement of the Democratic party's
platform." Funny how it takes an Indian guy to finally admit this.

I think the time has come to unban @NickJFuentes from this site.
Despite all the labels thrown at him, Nick Fuentes is a Christian,
America First nationalist who was cancelled early in his career by the
same people now working to cancel EVERY anti-Zionist voice. And as you
can see from this clip, Nick has a far more moderate position on
recent events than some of the most "respected" conservative voices
and politicians - who in recent weeks we have seen use this platform
to make outright calls for genocide and ethnic cleansing. @elonmusk
made a brave commitment to a fully free speech platform when he took
over Twitter, a promise that is changing the public conversation, but
as long as popular commentators like Fuentes remain banned that
promise remains unfulfilled. As one of the most cancelled voices in
the Western world, Fuentes' presence on a platform is a litmus test
for free speech. Prominent voices like Piers Morgan regularly discuss
Fuentes - he is ALREADY part of the public conversation, and he should
be allowed a response. As long as people like Nick are excluded from
X, it is not a true public square. It's time to #FreeFuentes

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