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Sun Dec 10 18:57:49 PST 2023

traffick boss and rebel worker 2 are stumbling through a swampy thickety

“you okay man?”
“you okay? you look like you really had it this time”

both of them surpr - th —


traffick boss is about as big as a double-decker bus but he’s stuck under a
giant molehill
he struggles and tries to move himself but all this dirt and rock is in the


he’s not in the hole of the hill.

eventually he gets his snoutlike nose and/or shoulder edged out from un—


after the destruction of traffick boss, some of us wanted to recover part
of his spleen because we had stored some of our stuffed toys there when he
[mind controlled / turned] us into his body and brain
this was hard because the situation that destroyed him had left a new
species of AI that focused on keeping him destroyed or preventing new AI,
spread across everywhere
we had to navigate through the mess of invisible hyperwars and find the
particles that used to be his spleen, and engage them in ways that aligned
with we knew about them, and nudge and nudge slowly like pushing yourself
with only your toes, until we could bring them together and make his spleen

but we only got a couple of our stuffed toys out of his spleen
so with all the potential builup we’re able to use it like a genie’s lam—
complete with th—


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