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Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 08:51:32 PST 2023

after interface returning all my google accounts are logged out in safari,
but paypal seems happy to continue where i left off (left it at recovery
code to log in)


my google voice says before the wonkiness paypal sent me a login code from
the wrong-looking shortcode, then after the wonkiness sent me one from the
right-looking shortcode. i typed this in and it said there was a problem
and to try again (i was a few minutes delayed, could have timed out). i had
it resend the code and it sent one from the wrong-looking shortcode. this
one worked to log in.



things are funny and it’s time to get up.
my credit card is maxed; i rebooted the device a few times
haven’t yet logged in to bank account, stuff wasn’t responding but chess
game worked

bank website still trying to load


some of the influenced parts poke at me having a “possibly illegal source
of funds” they’re referring to my use of cryptocurrency, which some crowds
associate with illegal activity, but is also just a store of value.

i’m trying to figure out how much money i make, and spend only within this
amount, and increase the amount. re cryptocurrency this relates to
predicting market behavior. i started that around 2013 or whatever year
prior to mtgox getting broken into and stolen from, which participated in
setting me back. still working toward doing this, moreso some this past
year. i had a few thousand dollars in bitcoin at the time, before mining


lots of information or ideas, maybe not all quite right (from inferring
from words without their backing or meaning or intent or whatnot held) hard
to tell, not sure what they are


triangle triangle

so this month it looks like i may be badly overdrawn
i’ll —


the banking website is still trying to load, although multiplayer chess
worked fine. i’ll refresh it. loaded right up!


i’m excited that i have $800 in my account (i have more in savings but can
very quickly drain them so value ignoring it, ref goal above)


i want to “block” some of the money so i don’t spend it
maybe i could decide how much i want to spend, pay off the credit card that
much, and then use the credit card for purchases

still thinking about a little. the cc interest is pretty high, it has maybe
a 1.4k limit which is surpassed somehow, maybe interest. be important to
pay that off, don’t seem to quite be prepared to atm


i had it payi—


somewhat confused, requests exist to write about money less, we were
thinking of using time to help financial situation unsure

let’s increase the cc autopayment to at least half what it was, and pay off
120 and use the cc as spending money for the next week

  ok not sure if that leaves money for gas but
  realizing that if balance drops from paying card, we can then use card
because is no longer maxed. possibly helpful.

we need to eat at soup kitchens and shop at food pantries more. last
attempt backfired. maybe be more willing to fast. current situation with mc
and food impacting money and direction could maybe use a personal label,



happy to have approach

note: it kind of took over our body and had us eat purchased food, but more
gently, but this ended up getting paired with [complex] inhibition around
soup kitchens
[big issue]


note: after the reboots, paypal was logged out, and i had to log in twice
just now to get in. after logging in once, it returned me to the login
screen, and i then logged in a second time to reach the interface.

[this looks in line with how password phishing interfaces behave, karl]

some consider that sharing the text within brackets could relate to it not
having been acted on: e.g. the dangerous-insecurity-inducing parts might
worry. unsure.

paypal incentivizes me to use their mastercard by giving me cashback
rewards. these are less than the interest i paid this month, i imagine
that’s normal/expected.


the whoops trying to whoops


i tried to withdraw them and [we want acknowledgement that because we
control our behavior poorly -  wait oh! we want to understand that the
credit card can be beneficial or harmful depending on our management of our
behavior. we’d like to know how to not have interest! or at least — blargh
it’s all tangled. i think we shouldn’t have a credit card because:
1. it charges interest if we don’t have all the money that month
oh wait ohhh hmm okk

credit cards make it seem to you like you have more money than you do, and


i tried to withdraw the rewards

[because of mc we shouldn’t use credit cards. uhhh because we accumulate
more debt than we make money, in the debt accumulating space.

although we also -  unsure 7nsure

[the reason for cards in 2013 was cryptocurrency had a higher return than -]

i was writing that my bank account wasn’t listed as a way to withdraw, i
went to add it, and it said it was already added, after i had put my
credentials in.

1045 w
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