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problem: metamodels can make worse dissociation. because we are new enough
to see them as more powerful maybe could be wrong

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> apologies for confusing us
> 0819
> there was some question around coding more effectively than
> hunt-and-peck-on-mobile-by-hand
> one runs into two issues, inhibitions regarding different kinds of
> metatooling, and general life difficulties (breaking devices, poverty)
> noting we have another computer. putting code on this computer would be
> helpful. we might also make plans for ai assistants or helpful ai work (not
> certain here), and split time between tasks and these.
> the other computer may not run either, unsure.
> this is also just a side task.
> 0821
> frarg more inhibitions. we’re taking on the goal holding now of more
> effective behavior.
> one idea was using openai like business people do. it doesn’t seem that
> useful. what about paying for a machine learning server, like on akash
> (warning, triggery property) or vastai
> with vastai it is possible (and a little difficult) (and also this can be
> done with akash) to spin up a machine learning server and run something for
> just a [minutes]
> 0823
> we have idea: we could work on making an inference backend (a simple one)
> that runs on akash or vastai without regard to which one (missing
> vocabulary: wondering whether there is a god, shape near guessing
> influencers are engaging in religious influence but that eventually
> contract expires from amount of funds paid)
> anyway maybe work on server script that shuts down server if no api
> requests made by launcher after delay, (maybe twice launch time). means
> interface with backend implementation
> 0826
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