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traffick boss is a powerful criminal businessman who runs a secret criminal
business and has a lot of public shell corporations ostensibly run by other
people than him. he came from a situation like organized crime and believes
he controls the entire world. his —





once traffick boss was being bludgeoned to death by a kindly mother who’s
child had been implanted and mind controlled to murder a visiting
politician and came back from the mission horribly changed.
he was laying on this woman’s kitchen floor while she slammed a
sledgehammer into his head and neck over and over again, screaming at him.
he leaned on his elbow, acting casual about it
traffick boss: “ma’am, surely your child couldn’t have




lions and tigers, maybe wombats or flying bats (unsure what a wombat is, i
think they are from a different country
somebody, maybe a disguised traffick boss, or somebody who works for
traffick boss, most likely this, leans —


traffick boss hires a stranger to work for him. hiri—

ng process involves being mind controlled and then given amnesia. this lets
traffick boss manage employee retainment and budget salaries efficiently by
priming everyone with secret patterns that make them do whatever he wants.

the patterns take time, and his people and systems engage new victims in an
ongoing manner that tapers off significantly once they are suitabl—



possible joke left accidentally unsure


one two three four baga baga tigi wigdy

every tiniest bit couod be even more tiny, but it does g— [replaced b—



traffick boss was at the center of physical laws, firing missiles at gods
of realities for fun.

god of realities: “and the cosmos will need a little stabilizing now that

traffick boss: “hahahaha!” traffick boss fires a volley of missiles at the
god of realities

traffick boss: “nothing can stop us!”

the god of realities goes up in smoke, little bits flying everywhere

earth disappears, but traffick boss is in—





a bunch of rab—



once upon.

fancy mental derivation! that um people covertly coercing you might not
care about yournopinions on how. dunno. the thought is pretty old but
derivation is new. i guess there are lots of things.

anyway the idea is that if it is respectful and frequent it’s your own
mind, and basically it maybhave kesrned t—


the stick people were flat, skinny, but determined.

they -

2230. a bunch of earth growers set out to regrow the earth after traffick
boss destroyed the god of realities.

realities similar to earth’s ended up growing on their own. the earth
growers would knit them together with seeds of earth in them, and tend and
nurture these seeds until an earth grew. once earths did grow they were so
happy and excited! they w—


traffick boss sits before a glass of sand and a plate of oil.

“eat up!” says a nanny robot

traffick boss: “this is not th—


it’s hiring time at traffick boss-topia?

hiree 3477: “i want to be mind controlled to work on mind control! so

worker hiring people [grinning welcomingly]: “you already ar—!



traffick boss turns into an explosion

pieces or him fly everywhere in all directions

each one has a menacing grin

the traffick boss shrapnel reaches out toward its impact as if to grab it
and throttle it

he’s everywhere! the traffick boss bomb went off with a lot of space around
it so it keeps flying.

one of his bits slams into —


Horrifying Journ—


traffick boss is out on the streets with zombie government worker shooting
people who talk about mind control on live global broadcast again and
dumpstering their bodies

mistake :S


the dumpster he likes is full of corpses so much it overflows. he’s used to
that and figures a dumptruck from a shell corp of his takes it away, but
actually the corpses are being reanimated and collected together to form
testimony to imprison hi—


and many other things!

traffick boss is shoo—


traffick boss is upside down. he fell while climbing (this happened to
somebody during my experience, they were in care of expert climber, very
rare), and was being held by only one foot, the rest of him dangling free


tagga paga


jog joh


when i have situations like the fallen climber it’s usually because my
dissociation is hiding things from my senses and logic.




how to tickle a bat

1. soothe the bat such that it —

i don’t know how to tickle a bat.


how to tickle a wild robot.

1. hypnotize the robot. tell it it is very ticklish and will giggle
uncontrollably when tickled. you may need to consult a robot programmer for

2. reach toward the robot. make sure it can observe you reaching toward it.

3. tell the robot: “i’m about to tickle you, so be ready to laugh”

4. —


in star wars they have blaster guns and light sabers, and they always try
to up the special effects or snazziness or whatnot, have they tried guns
that fire light sabers yet?

you could possibly imagining loadinga bunch of lightsabers into a launcher
— [this could be harder if lightsabers only function when paired with jedi



a ghost visits you

you: “oh! a ghost! are you a spirit of a person who is now dead?”

the ghost looks sheepish

ghost: “i am a psychological result of something you went through!”

the ghost grins, trying to put on a great-looking appearance

you: “awww frack”

the ghost stops grinning and looks crestfallen and depressed

ghost: “i want to repeat something that perturbed you from the thing you
went through, over and over … would this be okay with you?” [translator may
have taken liberties with this line]

you: “oh no that would um be really perterburing! um !!”

ghost [looking sheepish again]: “um !”

you and the ghost both put handkerchiefs over your mouths to represent
politeness or something and you go for a walk down a lane in your town
called “memory la—


it’s scary to be harrassed for years
scary and weird and mind-boggling

i think they named some greek mythological characters regarding this, maybe
traffick boss’s cult came from ancient greece

there was the person whom nobody would ever believe
and the person who had to push a boulder forever while being eaten by a

those are the two i’m thinking bits of maybe unsure


making a robot that can rock-climb

rock-climbing is just like walking except your feet ar—


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