Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Wed Dec 6 05:14:18 PST 2023

zombie cyborg [carrying glowing coal or torch or such like bring fire to
cold tribe from lost firemakers]: "i have seen the cure to zombieism! and
an antivirus to the borg!"

zombie: "brains brains ... brains brains?"

cyborg: "you will be assimilated! resistance is futile?"

zombie cyborg: "oh sorry"

zombie cyborg [presenting coal, grinning]: "brains brains brains brains!
you will be assimilated! resistance is futile!"

zombie and cyborg grin back

cyborg: "you won't be assimilated! resistance isn't futile!"

zombie: "lasagna dinners! feeling and healing!"



cyborg uploads the antivirus declaration into their hive interface and
heads to their next target for assimilation"

zombie injects the zombieism antivirus and heads to their next hideout of
frightened humans

cyborg [to herd of zombies]: "you won't be assimi
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