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Four Politicians are trying to kill the Unidentified Anomalous
Phenomena Disclosure Act

The University of Ica just announced that, after studying the Nazca
mummies for four years in person, they conclude that the bodies are
authentic, nonhuman, and unknown to science. 11 scientists and doctors
employed by the university signed...

Exact same UFO photographed in Mexico 1993 and then in Texas 2008.

Video from cockpit of 787 at 37,000’ approx 50N170W

“I talked to the highest of the high people you could possibly talk
to, if you catch my drift… The phenomenon is real. It’s been going on
for thousands of years.” - David Grusch on JRE

US staring down the barrel of 'catastrophic' UFO leak, retired army colonel says

Matt Ford reveal: CIA has a secret office that conducts UFO retrieval missions

Baja California UAP

Captured on webcam at Mori Point, Pacifica, California

Chris Mellon on X: "Unfortunately, my understanding is that the
Schumer-Rounds Amendment is poised to be shot down on Monday by
Republican leadership on the House Armed Services Committee. This is
the last opportunity for interested constituents to make their voice
heard on this issue."

White spherical looking UFO just shut down an airport in Manipur India
(news article in submission statement)

Dr Greer before Congress

Brazilian indigenous from Amazon, border with Peru, hear the word
"Alien" for the first time. But when shown gray alien images they
recognize it instantaneously: "these are underground beings, big ants
that take your spirit underground"

Grusch explains the real reason for the cover up.

Ross Coulthart on NewsNation discussing CIA UFO retrievals,
catastrophic disclosure, and The UAP Disclosure Act.

Leader McConnell and Speaker Johnson are trying to stop the Schumer amendment!

shocking new video by James Fox: "feels like someone is trying to
extinguish my career, it's pretty terrifying."

David Grusch says the UFO coverup was initiated by the same personnel
and corporate elements that oversaw the Manhattan Project

OVNI spotted in Brazil

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