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> Mind Control Boss is before a placid and dark lake, reflecting
> rainbow-colored meteor showers and auroras that dance overhead.
> He's having a mild seizure, but trying to ignore it.
> [The seizure tells a story of a struggle between him and research rebels
> regarding whether to dominate the world with genocidal dictatorship or
> protect and empower weak people who suffer, and leaves him and his victims
> crippled, injured, psychologically and physically mutilated

The rainbow upper-atmospheric events travel down to near Mind Control Boss,
and they enter a struggle with him.

Mind Control Boss is in conflict regarding what to focus and act on, what
to notice. Because of the AI augmentation of his business activities, and
the avenues of influence available to rescue workers only half-free who
know he exists, his own mind and senses are the ground for change with
regard to the global landscape.

He wants to ignore suffering people, and the rebels who have coopted his
mind control AI want him to empathize with them.
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