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> jim bell is a hero for posting about post-quantum fido and a pi formula.
> ultraram is cool too and professor rat always mixes in something rare and
> needed. and grarpamp got chip vulnerabilities long before jim and i did.
> --
> every now and then, ever since the zombification idea, i pass a graveyard
> again. i spent some time in a wooded graveyard that was quite beautiful,
> lots of serene corner areas ...
> my interest in graveyards originally started when i was supposed to be
> killed, something seemed to save me and make it more a joke, when i was in
> a heavy trance i would sometimes want to dig a hole and lay in it . long
> ago. much more torturous then. now medicine gets to keep everyone alive
> forever i hear? or do we come back to life and do it ourselves?
> anyway, after i joked about putting servos in dead people's joints on list
> earlier things shifted and there was more of a robotics focus. the idea was
> to make robots that danced on the graves of dead people (since we could
> bring them back to life but aren't) and it would i guess be a suitable
> zombie apocalypse to see, quite clear, then i realized how depressing it
> would be, pretty important to realize such things. sad the cool idea was
> evil. need supported ideas that aren't evil! also need projects! it lets me
> do more if it makes it evil, it's confusing, dissociative.
> anyway again, i think the thoughts would collapse together around the idea
> of making systems that accurately speak for the dead like in the ender's
> game series. the zombie idea ignored the brain, considering only
> reanimating the body, but i've worked with information all my life, not
> biology and medicine.
> it seems similar to making a system that proves everything that is true,
> something clearly we're all trying to pop into existence in some way or
> another ...
> ... some thoughts misplaced ... maybe back to the dancing robots ... i
> made a dancing robot once ...
> anyway a lot of people seem to feel humanity is really about stories, that
> this separates us from other creatures, the depth and quickness with which
> we relate what happened elsewhere, at another time, or what might happen
> [and how we feel about it, which are more deep stories]. bees dance
> stories, and humans have billion dollar box office movies ...
> [i was also thinking how the lack of information stores information so
> thoroughly as well. this is present in evolution: if a predator eats all
> the purple mongooses and they evolve to have the same color as their
> environment, the predator's behavior, and the lives of all those purple
> mongooses, are shown in the coats of the mongooses that survive .... you
> could consider what influences produced various fossils specifically the
> way they are, and derive further theoretical fossils, and plot their
> possibility, like mapping a brain from partial information ...
> [a theory of spirit is that there is always new kinds of information,
> meaning there will always be some way in the future to discern what of
> importance really happened, that we could never think of today
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