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Sun Aug 20 16:24:41 PDT 2023

big controversy around following note, 2-3 potential mistakes found
2023-08-20 0127
when i imagine knowing who influenced me harmfully
the bad part of me makes clumps of severe tension
that work to prevent the knowing
and attempt fervently to stimulate symptoms of functional neurologic
disorder, dissociative disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and
psychosis, such as aggressive muscle spasms, amnesia, torturous sensations
visions or sounds, invasive thoughts and behaviors often associated with
sabotage of my tasks, unawareness of what's around me, intense autonomic
nervous system engagement, psychosomatic illnesses that can be severe,
numbness, unintended and possibly extensive self-hypnosis to worsen the
triggers, and other things. i also get intense urges to leave my
it was easier to describe the experiences together when i thought of
knowing who caused it in a certain manner. i think it might have been or is
something that is somewhat clear it responds to.
for email list and therapists and doctors,
a further mistake was found in typing. also: a big part of what it does is
build habits to harm me, disrepute me, or torture me in incredibly
demeaning manners, and it responds to communicating effectively about my
experience too.
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