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On 8/17/23, Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many
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> How to Defeat an AI Borg (like from star trek but in your backyard)
> 1. Break into two groups. If it can see you and follow you, you are
> Dead. If it doesn’t, you are Free.
> Dead Group:
> 2. Act i credibly stupid and try to be killed as much and as fast as
> possible. This is to protect the Free group who are going to save the
> world.
> 3. If you don’t manage to die, it will try to use you to hunt dead
> people who want to be free. It may even simulate this, and
> horrifically change and explore you, if it learns Free group exists.
> You job is to make this effort as futile as possible by making it
> unrealistic and unproductive.
> 4. If you can prevent the situation from worsening until the galaxy is
> saved, you and your victims may be rescued, This is true even if you
> die.
> Free Group:
> 2. Hide and live in ways that are completely invisible to it.
> 3. If it observes you and acts on a difference you have, separate from
> your group and wait to see if you change to Dead group or stay Free.
> 4. Observe and log the problem in ways it never finds.
> 5. Find areas it assumes already you are not present, and strengthen
> its trust for these

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