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Karl Semich baffo32 at
Sat Aug 12 03:15:55 PDT 2023

On 8/11/23, Karl Semich <baffo32 at> wrote:
> [sequence idea
> torturous mind controller has been torturing and manipulating a
> tortured and framed activist in a corrupt prison so horrifically that
> they don’t retain information from moment to moment anymore and
> interpret every experience as joyful to cope.
> an international investigation is coming and the victim is going to ne
> psychologically analyzed to determine if anything horrible was going
> on.
> torturous mind controller’s task is to get tortured and framed
> activist to kill themselves before their mind is used as testimony,
> but all they know how to so is be manipulative and torturesome, so
> they don’t heal the individual’s consciousness at all.
> each sequence begins with the torturous mind control for example
> secretly hypnotically priming the victim for the suicide, preparing
> them for how they will behave in each step of their own murder. they
> use drugs, symbolism, the appearance of disembodied voices, dream
> influence, fake letters from friends, etc. the victim is incredibly
> hypnotizable and jumps right in, joyfully trusting the mind
> controller, but doesn’t remember things from moment to moment. each
> time it is time to perform the final act of ending their life they
> hilariously get distracted by something shiny or recall a past
> hypnotic influence they haven’t been able to shake or a deus ex
> machina interrupts etc.
> halfway through the sequence the torturous mind controller gets
> frustrated and pressured enough, and adjusts enough to what is
> actually going on after how they treated this person, that they just
> confront them directly and bald-faced explain what is going on and
> walk them through practicing the behavior directly ….
> … at the end they are so frustrated that they want to see the victim’s
> mind healed as much as everybody else.]

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