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Tue Aug 1 15:42:03 PDT 2023

On 8/1/23, Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many
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> [[[obviously?] i would be making up how the business ai works, since
> i've never engaged one in any way][i was thinking some of assuming it
> was a reinforcement learning algorithm driven by isolated reward
> functions, and i was thinking of the patterns within such an algorithm
> and how habits that produce the reward might become stronger and
> stronger, and migrate away from any information that didn't directly
> help the reward][also a small thought around similarity between the
> contents of a transformer model used to influence people during its
> training, and the contents of their own minds [one can derive these
[then you might add in the concept of dropout (or nonunified context
properties) within the model, and see that some paths would develop to
influence people more than other paths and both be used .... more
thoughts ... but basically simulating (or trying :/) it would be the
way to really consider this. it will be true in some ways and false in
others, and isn't understood until those are described (like
> would become similar, from considering that the model would learn to
> reward (and punish) the people, and influence their
> thinking]]]thinking of reinfor

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