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Tue Aug 1 04:38:57 PDT 2023

> a wedge made of a stack of triangles, each one with area of 1/2 r^2 dtheta
> where r is the radius of a sphere slice
> uhh so that's really sqrt(r^2 - x) where x runs from -r to +r
> two different r's here let's subscript them
> a wedge made of a stack of triangles
> each one with area of 1/2 r_slice^2 dtheta
> now,
> r_slice^2 + height^2 = r_sphere^2

cognitive maintenance habit
looks like the problem happened after this point

> so if we run x=height from -r to r
> r_slice = sqrt(r_sphere^2 - x^2)
> then maybe plug in to other expression
> dvolume = 1/2 sqrt(r_sphere^2 - x^2)^2 dtheta

and before this point

important to drill down and find the choice that needs [more
neuron/decisions?] {we think a little maybe in terms of "hooks" and
"triggers" --

> dvolume = 1/2(r_sphere^2 - x^2) dtheta
> maybe unsure

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