Twitter Co-Founder Dorsey Rues Musk Deal: ‘It All Went South’

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Apr 29 13:11:01 PDT 2023

Things started down that direction under his watch - for example acceding to US govt demands and pandering to the likes of Donald Dumbfuck who went for about a year floating above platform rules others were made subject to. 
It just got more and more like Fedbook under Dorsey - he is not some leftwing hero in any way shape or form.
And he failed miserably to do any due diligence on Musk.
Enough was already known about him to try and stop him. 
Maybe Jackass Dorsey can do enough good cypherpunky deeds to make up for past sins.
That is for others to judge.
But he will never make it up to me personally.
Except by dying at his own hand and leaving me all his ill-gotten money. 
Carthage delenda est, Jack

To the death.

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