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Sat Apr 29 06:25:58 PDT 2023

Jack Smith has zeroed in on the quarter billion dollars that Donald Trump and his co-conspirators raised by claiming that the 2020 election had been stolen from them. Significant proof has since emerged that Trump and many of his people knew at the time that the election hadn’t been stolen, which means they committed wire fraud by raising that money under false pretenses
That Stop-the-Steal Scam
With election tampering, incitement, obstruction of justice, and Espionage Act charges already in the mix, does Jack Smith really need to add wire fraud charges against Trump as well? The answer is yes. The point of bringing wire fraud charges alongside all the other charges is that it acts as an insurance policy. Even if the trial jury isn’t willing to take a leap on the bigger and more complex charges, the jury should certainly convict on something like wire fraud, where the proof is right there on paper.

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