Ron DeSantis and United Nations Innovation (Minnie Mouse at Disney)

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Thu Apr 27 04:25:33 PDT 2023

Minni Mouse beat us to it: Disney Sues DeSantis, Alleging Political Effort
to Hurt Business

You go Minni. Micky Mouse is so proud of you!

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Subject: Ron DeSantis and United Nations Innovation
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Ronald DeSantis' new NFT trading card set to raise money for Women's Rights
is going to either be historic, or we will sue Florida into bankruptcy on
don't say gay.

The logic here is, the woke don't say gay slogan is a Women's rights

That is why, the Ron DeSantis NFT card set for Women's Rights puts the
United Nations a century ahead...

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said this week that global progress
on women’s rights is “vanishing before our eyes” and that gender equality
will take another three centuries to achieve. “Gender equality is growing
more distant,” he warned.
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