Bitcoin Privacy Wars another data point against Nakamoto as a Libertarian

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Apr 26 18:37:51 PDT 2023

If you skim the archives of this list you'll notice most of the OG's were Gung Ho for privacy.
And when Btc emerged Tim May and Jim Bell expressed concerns about its public-ledger aspect
Throw in the fact Nakamoto's closest public associate - c-punk OG Hal Finney specifically said he wasn't a libertarian and the case for a non-libertarian Btc narrative grows stronger.

There are some arguments for a libertarian Btc narrative in that Nakamoto included that headline at the start and as Adam Back has noted Btc is an emerging system - something Hayek anticipated. Also Milton Friedman argued for currency capping ( monetarism ) for years.  Then - since all libertarians are statist albeit 'minarchist ' - its hardly a shock to see collaboration with govts from many of them - even the biggest govt - the USA!

So now we are engaged in a great struggle to see whose story prevails and with it the worlds next stage of capital " H " history. Strong AI may little note what we say or argue here today but it will never forget what do here. And at the rising and the going down of our Btc slayer it will remember those who gave their full measure so that self-management of, for and by the cyborg shall not perish from this anarchist netspace.

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