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Tue Apr 25 05:20:40 PDT 2023

the tired out blowback of disregard
i imagine this must have progressed significantly in the past decade,
and i’m curious.

a: “oh, they’re all disregardable-group, just ignore them until they die off”
b: “oh, they’re all people-who-disregard-groups, just ignore them
until they die off”
a: “oh, they’re all people-who-disregard-people-who-disregard-groups,
maybe better fight them”
b: “oh, they’re all people-who-fight-people-who-value-groups, maybe
better fight them”

thought a little of space before split
seems likely is a general/normative situation that happens in a lot of
systems, note for example personal obsessiveness when engaging a
success, e.g. a job one is talented at. other things become more
but when we ignore things that are disregarded, they come back to bite
us, and this is for example seen in the job example when the mind and
body get older, more poor at learning new things, and lifelong
investment was made in a single outmoded profession that is no longer
useful. studies show the brain and body have responded by progressing
ailments more quickly when we spent our lives doing one task.

systems have complexity. each part of complexity that is left out
seems to develop like a hernia or cancer, unless we really use our
community skills.

in the example system of disregard between a and b, it’s interesting
in that there are two adjacent systems that are disregarding each
other in some way …………. [daydream expansion inhibited due to the
linearity of typing misrepresenting concepts that began].<- note, the
inhibition reason also bears similarity to the concept under
consideration. we need agilely and wisely reshape our influence paths
to really engage a system in an honestly nourishing manner

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