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Transgender Teacher Spoke About Wanting To Shoot Students, Parents
Accuse District Of 'Cover-Up'

It took three weeks for parents to discover that a transgender middle
school teacher in Florida confessed to a guidance counselor that the
teacher was having “bad thoughts” of self-harm and shooting students.
Fox Chapel Middle School in Spring Hill, Fla., on April 20, 2023.
(Patricia Tolson/The Epoch Times)

Now parents are demanding answers, accusing the district of a
cover-up, and petitioning Florida’s governor to remove certain members
of the Hernando County School Board as well as the superintendent.

Ashlee Renczkowski, a biological male who presents as a female, is the
teacher who allegedly made the comments while at the school on March

Kerry Thornton is an assistant principal at Fox Chapel Middle School
in Spring Hill, Florida, which is part of the Hernando School

According to a report filed with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office
by Fox Chapel School Resource Officer Brian Timothy, Thornton alerted
Timothy the afternoon of March 24 that Renczkowski “had just made
concerning statements about self-harm and then possibly making
statements about shooting students.”

Thornton had visited Renczkowski in the classroom and asked how the
teacher was doing, according to Timothy’s report. Renczkowski replied,
“Not good, I’m having bad thoughts.” Thornton radioed for guidance
counselor Kimberly Walby and brought Renczkowski to Walby’s office.
Social Media Triggers

In Walby’s office, Renczkowski spoke of “a social media post where
people were talking negatively” about Renczkowski’s “sexual
orientation,” according to Timothy. He also said that Renczkowski was
triggered by social media posts critical of the “sexual orientation
and lifestyle” of Renczkowski’s wife, Fawn Renczkowski, who also
teaches at the school.

Thornton and Walby advised the school resource officer about
Renczkowski’s comments.

Renczkowski told Walby about wanting “to shoot some students” because
they weren’t performing to their ability, according to the police
report. Walby then said Renczkowski recanted the statement. But Walby
also “began to reiterate that she has short-term memory issues” and
was “starting to second-guess the conversation” when it came to
“details and the order of events,” according to Timothy’s report.

Renczkowski also admitted to owning three handguns.

Sandra Hurst, the mental health coordinator for the Hernando School
District, traveled to the middle school and met with Renczkowski to
conduct a threat assessment. Both Hurst and Thornton agreed that
Renczkowski was not an immediate threat to students and therefore
could not be involuntarily committed under the Baker Act, but the
sheriff’s office did send an officer to Renczkowski’s home that
evening to collect the firearms, which Renczkowski surrendered without

In his report about the incident, Timothy said that after meeting with
Renczkowski, Hurst “advised that a plan will be devised to meet with
Ashlee prior to her returning to work with students. The school
principal and Safe Schools was made aware of this incident.”

Parents didn’t learn about the incident until a local reporter named
Tom Lemons broke the story on April 7.

An April 17 news release from the district indicated that Renczkowski
was not at school March 27–29 but returned to work on March 30.
Renczkowski was then teaching in the classroom until April 13, when
the Florida Department of Education intervened to have Renczkowski

The Epoch Times contacted Renczkowski for comment but did not receive
a response by press time.
‘Respondent May Be Seriously Mentally Ill’

To provide “clarification,” Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis issued
a press release on April 12, saying “the investigation revealed that
no criminal offense(s) occurred; therefore, no arrest(s) could be

Deputies also determined that “the individual did not, at that moment,
meet the required criteria for involuntary commitment under the Baker

But Nienhuis also said, “In an abundance of caution, the HCSO
petitioned the court for a temporary Risk Protection Order,” which the
court “granted immediately.”
Banners at Fox Chapel Middle School in Spring Hill, Fla., on April 20,
2023. (Patricia Tolson/The Epoch Times)

In an April 13 statement, HCSD Superintendent John Stratton said the
district was going to “take a hard look at all the actions that were
taken on that day, and in the days following the incident, and
determine if any steps were missed.”

“As is our longstanding practice, while the matter is under
investigation, the teacher will be removed from all student contact,”
Stratton assured. No return date has been set.

In response, the Florida Department of Education (DOE) issued its own
press release, informing the public that it was only after the DOE
expressed concern directly to Stratton that he chose to remove
Renczkowski from the school.

In an April 17 news release, Stratton again said that “the district’s
threat assessment was conducted by trained Safe Schools staff and the
Hernando County Sheriff’s Office” and “all investigating agencies
agree the teacher did not meet criteria for imminent harm to self or

However, according to the risk protection order obtained by The Epoch
Times—“served upon the respondent” on March 28, signed by Renczkowski,
and “filed in open court” on April 10—it was determined by the HCSO
that “the Respondent may be seriously mentally ill or may have
recurring mental health issues.”

Renczkowski was ordered to immediately surrender all firearms,
ammunition, and “any license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm,”
and the document further ordered that Renczkowski may not possess,
purchase, or receive any firearm or weapon for one year.
Parents Want Answers

In the wake of the March 27 shooting at The Covenant School in
Nashville, Tennessee, many Fox Chapel parents are afraid. They’re
frustrated by the lack of transparency and dismissive responses from
the school district.

Now, a new petition alleges that “the delay in notification was due to
a ‘cover-up’ that involved District administration and ranking members
of the School Board and other agencies.”

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