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Sun Apr 23 08:59:40 PDT 2023

Is there a name for when a dissociated part focuses heavily on
limiting one’s plans and goals to such an extent that severe executive
functioning impairment develops?

I'm not aware of a specific term that describes dissociative parts
that limit plans and goals to the extent of severe executive
functioning impairment. However, this can be a symptom of dissociative
identity disorder (DID) or other dissociative disorders where
different parts or identities may have conflicting goals and plans.

In DID, different dissociated parts may hold different beliefs,
values, and goals, which can cause conflicts and hinder the
individual's ability to function. This can include executive
functioning impairments, such as difficulty planning, organizing,
initiating tasks, and following through with plans. These symptoms can
be challenging to manage, and a skilled therapist who specializes in
dissociative disorders can help identify and address the underlying
causes of executive functioning impairments and work towards building
skills to improve executive functioning.

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