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Mindfulness meditation and self-monitoring reduced maladaptive
daydreaming symptoms: A randomized controlled trial of a brief
self-guided web-based program.


Objective: Maladaptive daydreaming (MD) is a compulsive form of
daydreaming that causes distress and functional impairment. We present
the first treatment trial for MD. Method: We tested the effectiveness
of an eight-session internet-based self-help training for mindfulness
and self-monitoring and compared three groups across three measurement
points in time. A sample of 557 people was randomly assigned. A total
of 353 participants (age M[SD] = 28.3[10.5], 76% female, 77%
unmarried) completed our program: full-intervention group (n = 114,
psychoeducation + motivation enhancement + mindfulness +
self-monitoring), partial-intervention group (n = 125, identical
excluding self-monitoring), and waiting-list group (n = 125,
internet-based support as usual). Results: All MD measures assessing
daydreaming pathology, daydreaming frequency, and life functioning
showed significant improvement with a large effect size (ES) from
baseline to posttreatment in both intervention groups, whereas the
wait-list group showed no significant improvement, MD: F(3, 349) =
35.76, p < .0001, η² = 0.24; frequency: F(3, 349) = 32.06, p< .001, η²
= 0.22; functioning: F(3, 349) = 20.43, p < .001, η² = 0.15.
Mindfulness with self-monitoring training for MD was superior to
mindfulness alone in the short term, but they both were equally
efficient in the long term. Both interventions were superior to
relying on internet-based support forums only. The clinically
significant improvement rate of mindfulness with self-monitoring
training was 24%, while the reliable improvement rate reached 39%. At
the 6-month follow-up, achievements were maintained. Conclusions: A
brief internet-based intervention program comprising mindfulness
meditation and self-monitoring facilitated recovery or improvement in
many individuals with MD. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2023 APA, all
rights reserved)

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