Calls for an intervention for Btc magazine?

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Apr 22 06:13:07 PDT 2023

If Btc zine had any friends they would have organized an intervention for it by now.

The maxi shovelware that always concerned me most was its Austro-libertarian quack-economics, Antivax lies, Climate-Change holocaust denial, nuclear power advocacy and red-meat–promo’s. In that order. 

The Maxi’s are actually on firmer ground with guns since the ’ crypto-munitions ’ link goes way back.

Killing one of these losers will scare a million so I suggest we wack-out jackass Giacomo asap. Zuccface begone.

On the off chance any former readers are listening this list is the place to discuss the socio-economic implications of expanding crypto-anarchy since 1992 - that's 30 plus years of political back-and-forth.

Check the archives - you might learn something - Mongo's Basilisk!

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