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Sat Apr 22 01:15:35 PDT 2023

> On 4/22/23, Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many
> <gmkarl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> simple 3d printer ideas that surprisingly may stimulate inhibition in
>> me for innovation:
>> - you could possibly extrude in a pattern such that the filament
>> doesn’t bind to the layer below it, making support that vacuums or
>> blows away with an arbitrary extruder and filament. expecting this to
>> be slower from waiting for the filament to harden before letting it
>> come in contact with the layer below.
>> could be existing paper or software on trying something like it
>> somewhere, but maybe not since it addresses low-end devices

idea: you could break the problem into two parts: the bottom surface
of the support material, and the top surface.

on the bottom you could possibly use very little material and expand
going up. like the idea of a table with sharp cones for legs.

on the top you could possibly fill out some surface all at once, then
harden it all at once before laying on top of it.

this simplification leaves out some further concerns around adhering.
i’m not experienced with how extruding functions.

to me the relevant challenging part that remains is controlling
adherance of a new flat layer to an existing cold layer. i suspect
this to be a solved problem given the popular challenge of bed

given the novelty of the idea i expect there to be a further problem i
have not thought of, but it looks implementable now. if there isn’t a
further problem, i would still have experiments and further
troubleshooting-style innovation to go through if i were to try to
implement it, to compensate for my personal errors and my lack of
experience here.

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