Ways cryptoanarchy reduces risk from malign AI

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Apr 20 05:40:51 PDT 2023

1) By eliminating the plutocratic class global anarchism reduces the most acute risk from the ' James Bond Villain " scenario.
Think of Elon Musk as a Drax-Blofeld-Goldfinger type - he's already trying to gas Mars. We can fix that.

2) Decentralizing command and control of all large systems/ infrastructure. Blockchains and DAO''s help democratize and secure. Cryptoanarchy does this or it does nothing.

3) Global cryptoanarchist UBI helps the poorer individual help themselves - and defend themselves against all enemies.

4) Ubiquitous cryptographic authentication and communication makes it much harder for malign agents of any sort.

TL/DR intelligent progress calls for rapid evolution towards globalized cryptoanarchism.

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