Open letter to Adrienne LaFrance of the ATLANTIC

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Apr 17 16:56:25 PDT 2023

Dear A-hole
I noticed your recent piece 


America faces a type of extremist violence it does not know how to stop.<<

If you sincerely want to minimize violence in the US you might pass on a few messages for me.

1) Amerikkka enjoys rattling its sabers for its entertainment industry so now it can rattle them for me.
Italian state prisoner, Al Cospito is to be released from his Bis-41 style regime.

2) Stupid cunt, Mary McCord is to be asked to drop-dead and

3) This ones for the dumbass DHS suit - Josh Whassisname. Since 2010 I've been making regular demands the USA surrender.

Surrender to the new anarchy of course - cryptoanarchy.

They are to do this the following way - first end the Drug War *completely* and at once -  then bring back PAM FutureMap from 2003.

That site may then handle your defeat in detail.


If not then go fuck yourself

Yrs etc

Professor Rat

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