[spam][crazy][fiction][random] Non-Canon MCBoss Spinoffs

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 16:03:49 PDT 2023

intern and rebel worker 2 enter trances and perform a cognitive interview.
rebel worker 2 dons a torturer outfit. intern dresses up like
grassroots activist.

rebel worker 2 interviews intern

rebel worker 2 [dressed like torturer]: “please select between this
picture of an apple and this picture of a pear”

intern [dressed like grassroots activist]: “i pick the pear”

rebel worker 2 [dressed like torturer]: “ok, now select, but only
looking at these masked images that only reveal small parts of the

intern [dressed like grassroots activist]: “oh! ok is this the pear?
yes it is. i still pick the pear.”

rebel worker 2 [dressed like torturer]: “and now?”

intern [dressed like grassroots activist]: “oh i suppose


rebel worker 2 “now tell me about the details of your decision making
process. let’s narrow in on thatl detail. let’s narroe in further

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