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professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Apr 14 21:42:16 PDT 2023

OG Cypherpunks put forth crypto libertarian freemarket voluntary utopia ideas derived from the likes of Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard
25+ years and apparently little has changed for sole-survivor, Adman Backstabber
So when he becomes water, lies flat and drops dead we may file away the first draft of his history.
And the May-Hughes mirage will be thrown on the ash-heap of propaganda lies along with Mises 30's Vienna and Hayeks 70's Santiago.
Some say things are even becoming worse for the Lunar Right since the LOL-GOP-Qanon party stopped promising smaller, leaner govt and started promising smaller, leaner nuclear-power-stations.

Oh well -  cypherpunk is dead - long live cypherpunk - at least till 2027 - then we'll know for sure.

Meanwhile, more trashy bs dragged in from Gramps ever-circling garbage scow...

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