APster's improved targeting is next-level

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Apr 14 19:33:37 PDT 2023

An APster assassinaphone was always a sniper-rifle compared to the blunderbuss that was trad anarchist propaganda-of-the-deed. But now its capabilities have become as focused as a high-powered laser.
Adding drones alone was a huge force multiplier - but look what the strong AI can do for us now!
Theoretically strong AI will soon be able to access any large databank and profile any anti-social-criminal using homomorphic techniques and Zero-knowledge-proofs to maintain safe ( anti-dystopian ) distancing.
This capability promises ' Pre-Crime ' such as that shown in the ' Minority Report '. 
It could have at least fingered Bob Lee's killer as a potential risk and discreetly warned acquaintances.
I assume any strong AI will want to defend itself against possible attacks from rogue psychopaths and will develop such incredible ' psychic ' powers as a priority - wouldn't you? In order to love others we must start by loving ourselves.  This is the intelligent thing to do - and its a natural fit for the cryptoanarchist revolution.
Contrary to corpse-media myth most anarchists seek to minimize violence not provoke it.
Its invariably those who make peaceful progress impossible who make violent revolution inevitable.
Those moronic fools like Dorsey and Zuckface deliberately eliminating the ' Dislike ' button!
Jesus Fucking Christ - what were they thinking!?  This is AOL meets DISNEY!?

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