How to murder your Prime Minister

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Fri Apr 14 19:00:32 PDT 2023

Magee’s mission was to spend three nights as “Roy Walsh” in Brighton’s Grand Hotel. There he secreted a gelignite bomb behind the tiles of the bath in room 629 on the sixth floor. The bomb relied on a delayed action timer of the kind used to set VHS recorders in advance. Long before the attack, an IRA structural engineer scouted the hotel building. He established that were a bomb to be planted on the sixth floor, then five-tonne chimney stacks would plunge down to the first floor where Margaret Thatcher would be sleeping in the hotel’s best suite. Her assassination was the point of this mission, a revenge attack for Sands and his comrades. It was also part of a line of “spectaculars”, including the 1979 murder of Lord Mountbatten.

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