The Silk Road Investigation: A 'Pattern of Bad Behavior and Double Agents' – Bitcoin News

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Apr 14 07:42:39 PDT 2023

Happy to stipulate Andreessen - Horowitz are experts on bad-behavior and double-games from constant practice.

Ditto for " Bitcoin dotcom " the domain of " Bitcoin Jesus " and the second coming of bait-and-switch crypto-currencies.
Ross Ulbricht's bad behavior and double dealing remains next-level in that he preened, posed and postured as a pacifist online while hiring hitmen on the sly. 
There are still a few credulous dead-ender believers in this fraud - bit like the new Manson-Family surrounding WickedLeaks. 
When Julio gets to the states he should look up the dread butt-pirate - they both have so much in common.

And maybe Jesus will drop by.

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