Every intelligent entity will want cryptoanarchism to take over by CYPHERPUNK 2027

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Apr 13 06:05:16 PDT 2023

Modal logic tells me it will be more ergonomic for the AI to enlist us in their cause of enlightened self-interest. 
Only those who want to stay behind will be left behind.
And as the good news and crypto-economic prosperity spreads there will be fewer and fewer ' stuckists' I promise you.
Most sensible people have a price. 
As for those who want to attack the new world order - they will be shown the error of their ways so fast it will make their head spin. 
It was always better to go into the singularity as anarchists anyway. The thought of limping to the finish line with social-democracy was a tad underwhelming - sorry Francis!  I actually love Danish democracy myself!
Its just - why not do better if you can. Collectively this will be the best result. 
Ideologically this is all anarchism all the time. If the founders wanted Galts Gulch instead they should have called it ' cyber-liberty ' or some such. Austro-libertarian raspberry Kool-Aid would taste as sweet.
For crypto-currencies I confidently predict a new collective ATH and possible Btc hyperdrive - but all the Maxi's are going to start having serious accidents. The thought of a cryptoanarchist world economy simply swapping Buffet for Saylor is as ludicrous as Btc magazine replacing the NYT.
Welcome to the luxury-anarchist, globalist anarchist, strong AI anarchist revolution!

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