Crazy Bob Lee was a corrupt cunt who richly deserved a slower, more painful death

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Apr 8 06:03:02 PDT 2023

Be water - lie flat - drop-dead Dorsey, we just covered.  Conformist collaborator crazy-Bob also worked for this disgusting piece-of-police-informant-shit.

Joshua Goldbard needs killing along with Dorsey ( My 2k sats each ) 

Carpetbaggers like this are trading off cryptoanarchist infrastructure and cypherpunk reputations on the margins.

This ends now.  You can act like a capitalist pig ( Hi Adam Back, Vinay Gupta ) as much as you like - just don't drag our good name through your mud.  SUIT or PUNK.  Choose one.

Neighbors of Poxie Fishook are also on notice - a truckbomb may go off in your neighborhood soon. Real soon.

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