Alameda lost everything on MobileCoin

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Apr 7 06:04:59 PDT 2023

In early 2021, a trader on FTX acquired a massive amount of MobileCoin and used it as collateral to borrow other assets. According to a source cited by the Financial Times (FT), this was “potentially a scheme to extract dollars from the exchange.” As that position went against the trader, Alameda overtook that suite of MobileCoin positions “to protect FTX.”

Although the Financial Times didn’t specify whether Alameda lost money on the long or short side of the squeeze to $71, it did report its losses peaking at $1 billion.

The MobileCoin pump coordinators could have been Signal insiders and a few outside co-conspirators. <<<

Reposts not Ross Ulbricht type murder-contracts

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