[crazy] Jay Hack was a Machine Learning Engineer at Palantir

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri Apr 7 03:30:03 PDT 2023

Besides the James-Bond-Villain threat ( Musk as Drax, Thiel as Silva or " C " or Blofeld, Saylor as Goldfinger, etc ) the large data-banks of our world are now all ripe, low, hanging fruit for the stronger AI that's sure to be evolving soon.
Intelligence agencies are notorious data gluttons so Palantir is an obvious target for any curious hunter-seeker AI.
Perhaps this is not such an acute threat as a rogue fascist billionaire trying to kill everyone but himself and some breeding stock, but it could be a chronic one unless managed properly.  Some of this ' collect it all ' stuff will concern some of our targets - the billionaire class, politicians, police and priests.  The rest may be written over several-times and wiped clean for mining/ resource reuse. 
Any info we need may then be managed by a DAO in a dedicated blockchain. Anarchy is not lack of order - its lack of ORDERS.  Finally - as I said 20 years ago this year in the Denver Post -  nobody has to die - but they do have to accept this new ( cryptoanarchist ) system. 

Welcome to the revolution.

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