Dishonest Tor relay math question - tor-talk is to lazy

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Thu Apr 6 02:02:27 PDT 2023

On 4/5/23, efc at <efc at> wrote:
> So you wouldn't say that Tor is good since it is the least worst way for
> people to browse?

Users getting jailed or murdered by the State's traffic
analysis and sybil systems is for them perhaps the worst
way to die. Does voting for least worst politicians get you
much of anything in your lifetime, vs ignoring, defunding,
routing around and removing them all permanently.

> It is definitely not perfect but perhaps it could generate more noise in
> which to bury the few signals that are out there?

Sure. Defenses to those two attacks have been reasonably
discussed on this list, and on the Tor lists back when
they used to let the occaisional open critique post get
past their censor team, and to this day
Tor Project Incorporated refuses to implement them.
Most people fail to consider that tor's origins are US Military
which doesn't need perfect to operate only better enough
than their competitors yet still able to defeat them, and that
many of Tor's staff, even new ones, are Govt agents and
Govt funded payees sucking at the teat of Govt for their
mortgage and lifestyle.
So is it really any wonder that Tor Inc has not adopted fixes
and censors open critique while falsely advertising safety.

The real solution is to both fork tor, and also to
design and compete entirely new network overlays.

"Tor Stinks  -- NSA, vulns known since before 2012"

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