A Signal Failure

efc at swisscows.email efc at swisscows.email
Thu Apr 6 01:42:26 PDT 2023

I think binary thinking is detrimental to getting people on safe and 
secure services. Signal is far from perfect, but I'd rather have the world 
with people on signal, than the world and all people on sms or facebook 
where signal does not exist.

That said however, what are some state of the art services that are better 
than signal?

I'd say jami, xmpp/irc with OTR, and I've heard that matrix is E2E 
encrypted, but I do not like the architecture of matrix. For me it seems 
to want to do too much instead of being good at one thing.

Then there is tox and bitmessage and I do not know if they are still alive 
and well.

And last but not least, mumble.

Any others you think I should have a look at?

On Wed, 5 Apr 2023, professor rat wrote:

> Some members of the privacy community, including Snowden, criticize Signal’s requirement that each user sign up with a phone number; others object to Signal’s default setting that alerts users every time a contact joins the service. And, although all of Signal’s source code is open-source and peer-reviewed, most users cannot be certain whether it is identical to the code deployed in the apps they download, or to the code that is actually running on Signal’s servers. Others argue that Signal should be federated, or decentralized: rather than trusting a single organization to remain stable, invulnerable, uncompromised, and oriented toward their needs, participants should be able to run their own servers.
> https://archive.vn/nARhl#selection-2239.0-2241.460
> Signal Fails, an anonymous zine recently published on several anarchist Web sites, warns against dependency on a centralized service, particularly one running on mobile devices. “If your device is compromised with a keylogger or other malicious software, it doesn’t really matter how secure your communications are,” the zine reads. Were anarchists to “pose a major threat to the established order,” the government would “come for us and our infrastructure without mercy.”

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