[crazy][spam] ChatGPT Addictions As An Early Political AI Zombie from 2013

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 13:13:22 PDT 2023

for context of the first half of the previous email, here is the initial prompt


 python run_agent.py "how much is 4+4?"
Today is 2023-04-05 and you can use tools to get new information.
Answer the question as best as you can using the following tools:

Python REPL: A Python shell. Use this to execute python commands.
Input should be a valid python command. If you want to see the output
of a value, you should print it out with `print(...)`.
Google Search: Get specific information from a search query. Input
should be a  question like 'How to add number in Clojure?'. Result
will be the answer to the question.
hacker news search: Get insight from hacker news users to specific
search terms. Input should be a search term (e.g. How to get rich?).
The output will be the most recent stories related to it with a user

Use the following format:

Question: the input question you must answer
Thought: comment on what you want to do next
Action: the action to take, exactly one element of [Python REPL,Google
Search,hacker news search]
Action Input: the input to the action
Observation: the result of the action
... (this Thought/Action/Action Input/Observation repeats N times, use
it until you are sure of the answer)
Thought: I now know the final answer
Final Answer: your final answer to the original input question


Question: how much is 4+4?

I can use Python REPL to solve this.
Action: Python REPL
Action Input: `4+4`
Action: Python REPL
Action Input: `print(4+4)`
Observation: 8

Final answer is 8

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