Xi Jinping needs killing ( My 2k sats )

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 02:44:41 PDT 2023

On 4/4/23, efc at swisscows.email <efc at swisscows.email> wrote:
> I wonder why there is no assassination market for Putin given
> the war in Ukraine?

Simple, the TOP-SECRET US Govt hasn't decided to run it yet,
despite US Govt being one its biggest theorists (PAM, FutureMAP, etc).
US Govt prefers to run plain old murder bounties and proxy
mischief as it has done many of times in its recent history.
They seem to prefer that, plausibly more control, than
deploying Assassination Politics idea, which everyone
would then see and co-opt out from under Govt and
then humanity use it to secure its freedom from Govt
and everything else at the top.

> I would imagine that getting Putin assassinated would be one of
> the quickest ways to end the war.

True, yet an end would depend on if any elements of Putin's major
pre-war speech continued to resonate after he was gone, or didn't
evolve into new rationales.
They could be afraid of Medvedev.
Including losing admin grip on nuclear hotheads and rogues.

They did miss Dugin and killed his daughter by mistake.
They did kill Vladlen Tatarsky.

Putin did send some of his circle off to Siberia.

Maybe some babushka will whack him with a
kitchen knife for sending her son off to die in Ukraine.

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