USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Apr 5 01:44:09 PDT 2023
RSBN Trump live press conference
Mark Levin blasts out the REAL TRUTH on Hannity re
the FAKE Trump Prosecution. WAKE UP.
This is a Sick Joke. Wake Up.

In his 2016 Election Run Announcement Trump Declared he would
eliminate the Deep State but underestimated their treachery,
now Trump's redoubled down with experience learned for his 2024 run.
JFK said the same thing, and the Deep State got away with killing him.

Trump will either win 2024 bigly, even serving office from prison,
or they will kill him to prevent him from taking office.
Biden has already intoned some plot is in place against Trump.

Gold price is skyrocketing on the news in the USA and
Biden's Global incompetence and Democrats nonsense
all destabilizing the world.

Trump's NFT prices shoot up.
President Trump is a true fighter and people President.
Millions of Americans came out to see Trump while
Biden cowered in his basement with his Fake News Marxists.

Obama conveniently ducks out to Kenya Africa, for real,
thus fleeing the coming retribution of prosecution.

Trump will not only win 2024, Trump has already won 2024, exactly the
same way he won 2020, via the Democrats Election Fraud Conspiracy
against him. Trump is the legitimate President of the USA and he
will have his term of office.
Dems gonna kiss that ass.

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