USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Apr 5 00:41:04 PDT 2023
"We just have to demonstrate that he [Trump] will not take power
um by uh if we uh if he does run uh making sure he uh under the
legitimate efforts of uh our cuhst constitution does not become the next
President again.  -- Joe Biden, said with his classic deadpan devious
voice, evil grin, and guilty 'Oops, I just exposed my own crime' look
on his face."

I Meme Therefore I Am 🇺🇸 @ImMeme0
Biden told us that Democrats will do anything in their power to stop
Trump from running and becoming next president: Biden: “We just have
to demonstrate he’ll not take power. But if he does run we’ll make
sure under legitimate efforts of constitution doesn’t not become next…

Biden illegally conspired to illegally blow up the Nordstream pipelines,
and is on tape threatening and admitting those illegal intentions and
nefarious plans multiple times beforehand, as are his Deep State
and Democrat cronies also on tape saying the same thing.

Those tapes are EXACTLY like Biden's words in this video regarding
Biden and Obama Clinton Deep State and Democrats plans
to conspire to blow up Trump, by any means, legal or not.

Indict, Arrest, Jail, Prosecute, Find Guilty, Sentence, and
Imprison all these criminal Democrats for their High Crimes
and Treason unto power against the People.

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